Fallon Franklin has been performing live shows since she was 12-years-old. "My mom says I started humming and singing before I said my first words", says Fallon. Years of touring with and without a band, being on the road, being a Finalist on NBC's America's Got Talent, performing with various big-name acts, being a studio musician and having numerous self-released albums have left Fallon a seasoned performer and song-writer. However, nothing was able to prepare her for this year's journey.

"This year, personally, I have stared down every nightmare you can as a woman. My entire world crashed and burned around me. I could have turned into gray with the ashes, but I chose to survive how I know how to survive: creating music", says Fallon. With that drive behind her, she has created her highest appraised album yet, "Giving Up the Ghost". She released the album in chronological order of when they were written to allow the listener to follow her journey of the past year with her. From the heart-ripping lyrics of "Valentine" depicting a woman feeling trapped and unable to break free from an unhealthy relationship, to the hauntingly brilliant acapella book-end of the record "Freedom" in which Fallon sings about the solace of chains being removed, the listener can relate to every tracks narrative of pain and survival. 

"I refuse to write canned songs and emotions in worry that a song will be too personal for someone to relate to because everyone can relate to loss. Pronouns can be interchanged. Details can vary. Loss is loss. Pain is pain. Everyone can relate to that, and I give my listeners more credit than to dumb down a song to where it is "easy" to digest. I want people to feel something. When you sing a personal truth, it becomes the listener's personal truth. I love that about songwriting. I love to hear what people take from my songs. If I happen to touch on a heavy subject matter and rip some hearts out along the way, at least I made someone feel something." Fallon says in describing her lack of reluctancy to put her diary on display for everyone to year.

There is no doubt that this record was therapeutic for Fallon to write, but after listening, you will agree that it is just as therapeutic to listen to. Her songwriting style is reminiscent of Stevie Nicks and Sheryl Crow with self-harmonies and musical arrangements that will leave you singing along after only one listen.

"Giving Up the Ghost" was produced by Mack Damon at Hollywood Studios in what Fallon describes as the "perfect storm of love, friendship and musicianship". Damon brilliantly created a sound on this record that allowed heavy subject matter to be molded into thought-provoking Americana/Pop music that is a rare gem to listen to.

Fallon currently resides in Texas with her two children, two cats nearby to the country's live music hub: Austin, Texas. 

"The gut-wrenching song-writing of Americana with the body moving melodic capability of Pop Music in its rarest form".  

-Americana Album Review

"Brilliantly organic, such a pure crystal clear voice"

-Sharon Osbourne

"Self-effacing...sounds as amazing as she looks"

-Piers Morgan

"Finally, a female voice for Austin, Texas"